Capillary pots

made from 100% recyled PP plastic

Make the world greener

Introducing the ABC Planter 1

In this video Rikke is introducing the ABC Planter 1, kindly note the video is in danish.

ABC Plant Growers

In time we will have various sizes.

The pot very versatile, you are able to grow all your favourite flowers, herbs and veggies.

Catapillary Pots

the bottom contains a large Water reservoir (16L)

the top holes a large amount of soil (34L)

100 % recycled, reusable and reduce plastic

help to reduce Co2 pollution

Save Water

Get wheels to ABC Plant Grower and it is easy to move

our products

Supports these 4 FN´ Global Goals


Together we make the world a greener place


There has never been a better time to reuse plastic or a better time for companies to take action in the fight against plastic pollution, for us it very important to take action on that. That´s why we produce our ABC Plant Growers from 100% recycled PP plastic and source the materials as locally as possible