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Make the world greener

Making the world greener

ABC Plant Growers 

ABC Plant Growers ApS products are developed based on the idea of ​​circular economy and recycling for the benefit of the environment. Now and far into the future.

The Eco-friendly capillary pots are made of 100% PP recycled plastic.

The plastic can be recycled again and again

The recycled plastic we use is 30-50 years old and has served its purpose.

Now the question is, what do we do with it?

should it be burnt and emit CO2 to the air or dumped into sea so marine animals suffer


Or (here comes the right solution, we think)

We give it new life as ABC Plant Growers, where it can again benefit for another 30-40 years and once it has served its purpose again, the plastic can be reused for new products again and again and thus we keep the plastic alive for the benefit of the environment for hundreds of years.

(We work on a Return / Mortgage system of our products)

For every kilo of recycled plastic, we use, we save the environment for 2.4 kilos of Co2 pollution.

For every ABC Planter 1 we manufacture, we use about 3.5 kilos of recycled PP, thereby saving the environment for approx. 8 kilos of Co2.

Our first production saves the environment for 64 ton of Co2.


Developed by plant growers for plant growers