ABC Planter 1

About ABC Planter 1

ABC Planter 1 is a self-watering pot made of recycled plastic that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable.


ABC Plant Growers are:

The Eco-friendly capillary pot are made of 100% PP recycled plastic.

Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm

Weight: 2 kg

Pallet size up to 120 pcs.

Pallet weight up to 240 kg

We save Co2 by:


Under production

We use recycled plastic. For every kilo of ABC Planter we produce, we save the environment for 2.4 kilos of Co2

Ex. An ABC 1 weighing 3.5 kg. saves the environment 8.4 kg of Co2


During Transport

Our products are manufactured in Denmark. They are lightweight and stackable and do not fill unnecessarily during transport.

ABC Plant Grower’s products are 100% recyclable and can be recycled many times in a circular process.